1.  Biometric authentication using near infrared hand vein pattern with adaptive threshold technique.

          L. D. Kumar, and A. G. Reddy*.

          2nd International Conference on Applied and Theoretical Computing and Communication Technology (iCATccT).

          Bangalore, India, 2016. 

      2.  Cryptanalysis of Mishra et al.’s Biometric-Based Multi-Server Authenticated Key-Agreement Protocol Using Smartcards.
          A. G. Reddy, E. J. Yoon, and K. Y. Yoo.
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     3.  Cryptanalysis of An Improved Anonymous Multi-server Authenticated Key-agreement Scheme using Smartcards and Biometrics.

          A. G. Reddy, E. J. Yoon, and K. Y. Yoo. 

          Multimedia Conference. Daegu, South Korea, 2015.

     4.  Study of Authentication Techniques for Next Generations.
          A. G. Reddy, and K. Y. Yoo. 
          2014 Annual Conference of the Electronics Engineering Society of Korea. Jeju Island, South Korea, 2014.

Domestic Conferences

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Journal Publications

Goutham Reddy Alavalapati

    1.  Design of A Secure Mutual Authenticated Key-Agreement Protocol for Multi-Server Architecture

         A. G. Reddy, E. J. Yoon, Y. J. Kim, and K. Y. Yoo. 

         Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Applications. ACM ICICA 

         Canberra, Australia, 2017.

    2.  An enhanced anonymous two-factor mutual authentication with key agreement scheme for session initiation protocol.

         A. G. Reddy, E. J. Yoon, A. K. Das, and K. Y. Yoo. 

         Proceedings of the 2016 Conference on Security of Information and Networks. ACM SIN

         New Jersey, USA, 2016.

    3.  An anonymous ID-based remote mutual authentication with key agreement protocol on ECC using smart cards.

         A. G. Reddy, G. J. Lee, and K. Y. Yoo. 

         Proceedings of the 2015 Conference on Symposium of Applied Computing. ACM SAC

         Salamanca, Spain, 2015.

    4.  Implicit graphical password mutual authentication using mirror-image encryption.

         A. G. Reddy, D. S. Kim, and K. Y. Yoo. 

         Proceedings of the 2014 Conference on Research in Adaptive and Convergent Systems. ACM RACS

         Baltimore, USA, 2014.

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